Business Profile




Bezeq – The Israel Telecommunication Corporation Ltd


Gil Sharon – CEO

Larry Akerman - CFO

Uri Bar - VP Operation & Logistics

Guy Bauman - VP VAS &  Business Development

Jack Dabby - VP & General Counsel

Shimon Hertz - VP Information Technology

Doron Kurtz - VP Engineering & Technology

Ronit Marcus - VP Consumer Service & Sales

Asaf Ofer - VP Marketing

Daniel Sapir - VP Business Customers

Dan Zur - VP Human Resources 

 Noy Kedem Madmon - Spokesperson




General Information

Subscribers: Approximately 2.4 million

Employees: Approximately 4,200

Points of Sale: 100

Service and Sales Centers: 39

(Revenue: Approximately N.I.S  4.478 billion 2006)


Website - www.pelephone.co.il


Pelephone Communications Ltd. has pioneered the mobile communications sector in Israel since 1986, and has been fully owned by Bezeq since 2004. In 2010, revenue totaled NIS 5.732 billion with net profit of NIS 1.033 billion. Pelephone has 2.85 million subscribers and 4,300 employees. The company operates 200 service and sales points and 12 call centers in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. It also operates the “Call Yachol” call center operated by 160 people with physical or mental disabilities. Pelephone also employs 250 Ultra Orthodox women in four call centers.
In 2009, Pelephone launched its High Speed GSM network with an investment of NIS 1 billion. The network utilizes 3.75G HSPA and supports downloading of data at a speed of 14.4 Mb per second and uploading of data at a speed of up to 5.76 Mb per second. Research recently con-ducted in the US found that surfing on Pelephone’s iPhone is the fastest in the world.
Pelephone leads the business market, Business customers include: All government ministries and state employees, Rafael, Dan, IBM, Health maintenance organizations, Harel and Migdal insurance companies, and more.
Pelephone is the network chosen by soldiers by the “Association for IDF Soldiers” (AWIS) and the “Yoter Membership club” since Aug 2009. The company also adopted three Command’s Teleprocessing battalions, the teleprocessing flank and the intelligence branch AWIS’ “as part of the “Adopt a Fighter” program.
Pelephone is also the chosen network for Israel’s students selected by the “Israel Student Association Under the agreement, students are entitled to special benefits when purchasing devices and  packages for surfing the internet, sending text mes-sages and using content applications. 


Pelephone – Leading the World of Content & TV
Pelephone is Israel’s mobile content leader in subscriber numbers and use. On December 31, 2010 Pelephone registered 1.87 million third generation users, which constitutes more than 66% of company subscribers. Pelephone services include:
“Super TV” which enables the viewing of dozens of leading TV channels via cellular phones with rapid channel zapping, EPG programming and high viewing resolution that together create a real viewing experience via the cellular TV.
“Musix” is Israel’s largest digital music library which includes hundreds of thousands of rare singles as well as local and inter-national albums. The music is available legally and without limitation for a monthly fee, both on cellular phones and PCs via www.musix.co.il.

Value-Added Services
Pelephone provides customers advanced cellular Internet services enabling them to surf hundreds of leading content sites suitable for cellular phones. Services offered include “Smart Mail” – an application integrated into Pelephone’s new network devices enables receipt of e-mails, compressed Word files, directly to all Pelephone’s handsets and GPS advanced cellular navigation services to more than 500,000 subscribers.

Corporate Responsibility and Pelephone for the Community
Pelephone’s ethical code “Our way in business” sets out principles and rules of behavior that document the company’s values identity. Pele-phone has set five principles of endeavor as a basis for its ethical code – integrity, respect for others, personal responsibility, equality, and excellence. Pelephone sees six layers in its ethical code: employees, customers, com-pany assets, business partners, competitors, and re-sponsibility to the environment and community.

Corporate Responsibility
Pelephone is involved in various activities aimed at protecting the  environment:
 Disposing and destroying old handsets, batteries and part (6-10 tons annually) according to environmental regulations.
 Collecting paper for recycling from all the company’s service centers and offices.
 Collecting cardboard for recycling from Pelephone’s headquarters and central warehouse.
 Using ‘smart’ technology for energy savings at the company’s Givatayim headquarters.
 Meeting the ISO 14 standard at its central laboratory.
 Pelephone expects to participate in Better Place’s electric vehicle energy savings pilot project.

Pelephone in the Community
Pelephone views social responsibility, involvement and contribution to the community as key values. company staff is ac-tively involved in contributing and volunteering vis-à-vis various associations and organizations. The company donates mil-lions of shekels every year to various institutions, collects hundreds of kilograms of food, and establishes dozens of computer classes for young children nationwide, providing them with a brighter future. Pelephone has adopted a club in Kfar Shalem, a school and service center for the blind, and provides employment for workers of “Light for the Blind” in Kiryat Gat, who package company products; Pelephone has also integrated vision impaired staff into the workforce at the logistic center at Airport City. Pelephone collaborated in establishing the “Call Yachol” call center, which is staffed entirely by handicapped personnel. Pelephone focuses on promoting education in Israel and on bridging the gaps in Israeli society. It assists several non-profit organizations such as the Youth Renewal Fund (YRF) established to provide supplemental education to underprivi-leged children in Israel.